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What is a dick toys? Difference between dildo toys, vibrators, sex toys and their characteristics to feel sexual pleasure

The big difference between vibes and dildos

The big difference between vibes and dildos

Now a day, sex literacy grow day by day. Peoples start using Sex toys for own pleasure and stimulation like dildo sex. Dildos, vibrators are one of them. Both sex toys have their own feature and specification.


Dildos are oldest sex toys. It is used to penetrate the vagina, anal, orally. Dildos are made of glass, silicon or with any material. It is solid shape sex toys only. It doesn't have any attached motor. Dildos have a great range of shapes from realistic to semi-realistic or non-realistic. The category for dildos includes strap-on toys, anal plugs, and penis extensions. These dildos are used to produce orgasm in the women


Vibrators are totally different from the Dildos. The use of vibrators is same as dildos, but vibrators result in it much different. Vibrators give women extreme level of pleasure and orgasm. Vibrators have an attached motor that generates vibration while using. Even though the motor is small but it provides powerful stimulation and pleasure. Vibrators also available in many materials from silicon to rubber.

What is the biggest attraction of dick toys, dildo toys?

What is the biggest attraction of dick toys, dildo toys?

Dildos toys, dick toys are classic sex toys to simplify pleasure the women's need. Most dildos are designed in dick shape that why it known as dick toys. Women use fake penis means dick toys instead of partner's penis. Dick toys give you real penis pleasure with their rubber, silicon soft material. It is safer to use too. The biggest attraction point of dildos toys are, they are available in many varieties, large dildos, small dildos, double dong, vibrating dildos, suction cups, harness dildos, realistic dildos, etc. Women can get their dildos according to needs. Large dildos are used to penetrate for the deep and especially for the expertise, Small dildos for the beginners. Double dongs are a special type of dildos. It has both ended penetration. Couples can enjoy penetrating at the same time with double dons. Harness dildos or suction cup are attached to any harness that allows women to penetrate the men. Men can enjoy the anal penetration with harness dildos. These dick toys are for women, lesbian, men.

Types and characteristics of dick toys

Types and characteristics of dick toys

Various type of Dildos to stimulate the vagina, anal.

G-Spot Dildos

G-Spot Dildos has special curved shape, broad towards the tip. These dildos are directly hit to the G-Spot. As we known, G-Spot is a sensitive point in the women. So these dildos are basically made up soft rubber material. G-Spot Dildos spice up the moment by teasing the vagina internally. They are comfortable to use

Anal Dildos

Many sex toys are available to pleasure the vagina. Anal dildos are for who want pleasure their backdoor. Anal Dildos are straight and thin in structure as compare to regular dildos. They are made of silicon, rubber.

Glass Dildos

Glass Dildos is a stunning sex toy. It adds up exoticness in the women. You can use glass dildo for vagina as well as in anal. Glass dildos are made with high-quality glass, that allows them soft and smooth texture. Penetration with glass dildos is totally safe. Glass Dildos are compatible with all type of lubricants. Glass dildos are rigid and temperature responsive. give cold effect in winter and warm in summer.

Silicone Dildos

As it name, these dildos are made of high-quality silicone material. Women mostly prefer silicon Dildos. It is ideal to deliver more pleasure with comfort. Silicon Dildos are soft in nature. but remember silicon dildos are not compatible with silicon-based lubricant. It may damage your dildo.

How to choose the correct dick toys

How to choose the correct dick toys

There are no of factors while choosing Dildos for masturbation. First thing, if you want dildo vagina, choose vagina dildos and want anal penetration, go with anal dildos. If you are men and want anal dildos. Purchase anal dildo that is designed especially for men. Always check the material, shape, texture before purchase.


If you are first timer or beginner, probably go with small and smooth dildos. It is easily acceptable to your body. If you want some erotic and pleasure G-Spot, go with curved Dildos. It directly hits the G-Spot of the women. If you want some fantasy thing, real penis shape and veins texture., choose realistic Dildos. It is sculpted like a real penis.

Length and Girth

Length and Girth are important because penetration areas are too sensitive. Unsuitable size may hurt you. Choose length and girth that your body easily accept. If you are new in sex toy world, always go with small length and small girth. Choose huge dildos when we are ready to handle it. You may also try inflatable dildos. you can pump the dildos according to body acceptance.

Material and Flexibility

Material and flexibility provide you comfort. Metal, Silicon, glass, rubber etc are material for dildos. rubber is best if you want smooth pleasure. All are suitable for G-Spot and P-Spot pleasure. Rubber Dildos are more flexible among all. It required less lubricant too. Glass, metal dildos give warm and cool effect and need lubricant. Silicon is also best for anal, it is flexible too.