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What is dildo vibrator toys sex? Stimulate your female partner with realistic dildo,Dildo vibrators for women in India

What is a dildo vibrator for woman?

What is a dildo vibrator for woman?

Dildo Vibrator ensures a bit of extra pleasure. Dildo vibrator is a type of a toy sex. It is not normal dildo toys but with vibrations so you can get more pleasure. There are various types of toys in dildo is available in all over the world, but in India normal dildos, this vibrator dildo, strapon dildos or lesbian strapon, huge dick etc. are popular. It enhances stimulation and penetration than regular penetration. Basically, Dildo Vibrator is a regular dildo with an attached remote control. This remote control is used to control the vibration in the dildos. These toys sex allow equal participation of men and women. It enhances the lovemaking. Women can use it in penetration and lets men control the vibration level.

It is couple sex toys. Due to its vibration, women can use it on nipples, inner thighs or other sensitive parts for stimulation. So it is also called the vibrator for woman. Dildo Vibrators designed in many shapes and size to deliver a real penis feel with a vibration. It totally helps to build up the erotic moment. Dildo Vibrator for woman stimulate with their vibrations as well as their length and girth. Its attached remote control is easy to handle and easy to use. Vibrating dildos can be wired or wireless. Wireless dildo vibratos also have a remote to increase and decrease the vibration of dildos. As vibration increase, stimulation increases, hence pleasure increase. Proper use of vibrating dildos leads to best orgasm. You can also enhance the pleasure by using lubricants for this toy sex. We recommend that you change the lubricant according to the material of the dildo.

Difference between vibrator, dildo, dildo vibrator

Difference between vibrator, dildo, dildo vibrator

Vibrators, Dildos, Dildos vibrators are used by women in masturbation. All are used internally, penetrate the vagina or anal. let's discuss


Vibrators are a sex toy with a powerful motor that generates vibration. Vibrators are sleek in design and used to stimulate the vagina and clitoris. G-Spot Vibrators, Clitoris Vibrators, Rabbit Vibrators, etc are a type of vibrators for woman. Vibrators help women to get an intense orgasm and achieve G-Spot easily. Different level of vibration gives different level of pleasure.


Dildos are simple toysex that is only used to penetrate. It is a solid toysex. Most of the Dildos look like a Real penis. Dildos give women real penis touch with their realistic structure. Metal Dildos, silicone dildo, suction cup, vibrating dildos, xxx dildo etc are a type of dildos. The dildo can be used for vaginal penetration and anal penetration.

Dildos Vibrators

Dildo Vibrators is one of a type of dildos or dong toys. It is a combination of dildo and vibrator. These dildos have an attached remote control that generates vibration in regular dildos. Due to its vibration, women prefer to use. Level of vibration enhances the stimulation in women. These type of Dildo add an extra bit of pleasure in sexual life.

Dildo vibrator type, features and functionality

Dildo vibrator type, features and functionality

Dildo Vibrators is intended for the penetration with different level of vibration. Most vibrating dildos are handheld. Penis like Dildo Vibrators with a motor to stimulation. There are also things that can be used by attaching to a wall, a table, etc. because there are many things that sucker is attached to the bottom like this type of suction cup dildos. These dildo vibrator sex toys come in various type by their features, functionalities

Wired Dildo vibrators

This type of Dildo Vibrators has an attached remote control device with a wire. People can operate the level of vibration. There are no chances of delay because remote is always there to you. Wired Dildo Vibrators or dong toys are the first type of vibrators, that women used in masturbation.

Wireless Dildo Vibrators

These Dildo Vibrators are wireless. You can use them from the distance. It is mostly used by couples. Women can use the penetration with dildo part and men can control the level of vibration from the distance. Now-a-day, these dildo vibrators enhance with Bluetooth and app feature. Now men can control the vibration from the miles away from the app. It enhances love-making in the couples from the miles.

Inbuilt Dildo Vibrators

These Dildo Vibrator's motor is fitted with the dildo part. Although, you can adjust and control the vibration easily. It is ideal for women in masturbation. Couples may use it, men can penetrate women by using inbuilt dildo vibrator.

How to choose a dildo vibrator and how to purchase it

How to choose a dildo vibrator and how to purchase it

Whenever you go for vibrating dildo, choose the right size for you. The perfect dildo is going to better experience. Below factors help you to get the correct dildo vibrators to achieve the sex goal.


Choosing a large dildo vibrator is not suitable for first. Both G-Spot in women and P-Spot in men is located about 2.5-3 inches inside the cavity. Using a regular size dildo vibrators with curved shape is enough for stimulation. People can easily stimulate with dildo which is large in size. Ya using large dildos is pleasurable, you may try it when we get to experience in dildo vibrator.


Determine your suitable diameter that your vagina easily acceptable. The Large size of diameter or broad tip of dildo vibrator may damage your vaginal walls. Always keep in mind, to get sexual goal diameter and length play major role.

Flexibility Factor

Some material is extremely rigid and not flexible, it gives you irritation experience. Choose smooth and soft material dildo vibrators like rubber, silicon, etc. These material make dildo vibrator flexible that is easily acceptable by beginner's vagina and anal.


Vibration is attraction point in dildo vibrators. Of course, you choose vibrating dildos, to feel the various level of vibration. But remember, choose that are easy to handle. Make sure, always start with a low level of vibration.

Attention point while using the vibrator for woman?

 Attention point while using the vibrator for woman?

While using the vibrator toys sex like cock doll, vibrator dildo, ben-wa-balls etc. female partner, male partner or couple should take some precaution also. Before using any of the vibrator toy sex, it is necessary for the woman to clean it properly to make it free from germs and bacteria. To clean it people can use the toy cleaner, antiseptic liquid and toy sex cleaner. Now a day, most of the vibrator for woman are available with the battery operated. If female partner is using the battery operated vibrator toy sex then it is necessary for them to remove the battery after use. In case if couple leave the battery in the battery case for a long time then there is possibility that motor of the vibrator toys get burn due to leakage of the battery.

Couple should never share their personal vibrator toy sex with other people. Always store vibrator toy sex in a cool, safe and dry places.